Leo's life

Hi, My name is Leo Wong. I am Chinese with a family of 4, the first time I met my wife Angela was in the social media, we have much in comment, after a few years of the long distance relationship, I had decide to met in person, so I take a flight and fly to another side of the world to meet her family and proof it is real. The Road is not easy, not many family and friends believe we can make it together, but I believe in true love, passion and faith. After a few years time we finally start our marriage, in another year time we also decide to have Isabella and Selina of my kids. That is how my life begin as a family man and a photographer of love.

My Photography story

I am a photographer, based in Glasgow, Scotland. I discovered the magic of photography quite late, on the early 20th. This happened when a befriended photographer invited me to a shooting and showed me the technical aspect behind photography. I was amazed how the captured picture was able to tell a story, carry an emotion, all by itself and so I became fascinated and wanted to learn the tools of the trade. After a period of experimentation I found my passion in portraits and landscape photography. This displayed an unseen truth that I wanted to capture. This purity of expression was the focus of my quest. Another aspect of photography which I find great pleasure in is wedding photography where I also try to encapsulate the purity of being in a documentary style photography. Sealing this moment in an authentic and truthful way is what I care most about. I desire to tell the story of a couple, in love, with their family, children, friends all present in that space of time, filling the frame with substance. Continuity and infinity are two keywords that would be suited to describe the motivation as well as the greatest challenge with this.

Presently I am experimenting and refining lighting techniques as well as decreasing photoshop use in order to increase the truthfulness of my stories. I am looking to take my photography to the next level in the near future. There is no story is weak, only had story in a different way to Express, so if you got one you want to share or deserves to be captured, please feel free to contact me. I hope I can share this passion of mine with you.

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